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[8 Apr 2014 | Comments Off on Goodbye Windows! Goodbye Google! | 1,336 views]

The day is finally here! It’s 8 April 2014, and support for Windows XP has ended. Years ago — I really don’t remember how many — I swore that XP would be the last version of Windows that I’d run. Not because XP was any worse than versions of Windows before it; on the contrary, having finally reached a level of acceptable stability with Windows 2000, XP continued that and I was generally happy, although that happiness (contentedness, rather) has been badly tinged in the last couple of years by …

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[28 Mar 2014 | Comments Off on Samsung and Android: Out-of-box failure | 1,408 views]

I learnt a new term recently while doing research related to configuring my Samsung/Android tablet: Out-of-box failure. The current definition (as of this writing) on Wikipedia that applies in this case is as follows: “Out of box failure … is a negative experience a user has when installing and/or performing initial configuration on a piece of hardware ….”
In a nutshell, I am mightily disappointed in my Samsung/Android tablet.
While I have damn nearly two decades of experience being the go-to guy for computer problems among some of my friends (not to …

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[12 Nov 2011 | Comments Off on Fucking Microsoft | 923 views]

I hate it when software interrupts my day to tell me that I should download the latest and greatest version. I hate it even more when I must reboot to finish the installation or — when I have 37 million tabs open — Firefox tells me it must be restarted.
So whenever Windows tells me that updates are ready to be installed (I don’t allow anything to be installed without my reviewing the details first), I ignore that until I am ready to reboot. Why? (The full reasoning will become crystal …