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craig.ca Offers

I’ve put up this page because I have received a number of unsolicited offers to buy or requests to simply “transfer” (free, gratis and for nothing!) craig.ca to other parties. Although I do have a number of domains for sale or lease, craig.ca is not one of them and I did not register craig.ca with the intention of selling it for $7 million to some suck … er, I mean third party.

I do use craig.ca quite extensively and am committed to its future existence on the Internet. The root website might not be particularly impressive; it was once my intention to put up a personal website with pictures of me, my family and my dogs, throw up the odd opinion piece, maybe even run a “blog” … all the stuff you see on other personal websites. However, one day I asked myself, “Who cares?” and, “Who has the time?” I also asked myself, “Who wants their identity stolen?” — a very real threat these days, especially to my aging, paranoid mind. However, there is permanent stuff residing on the craig.ca server, and I occasionally send links to stuff I upload temporarily to the server to family and friends. I also use craig.ca for various email addresses, including operating my own proactive spam-prevention system. It’s my personal, virtual playground, and it beats the hell out of trying to do that with an advertising-laden GeoCities site.

Since I do operate an Internet hosting business (NinerNet Communications), I might consider hosting sites at sub-domain or sub-directory addresses using craig.ca. Therefore, if you want, you can host a site at something.craig.ca or craig.ca/something. Please contact NinerNet if this is something you would like to pursue.

All that said, every man has his price, as the old saying goes. I like having craig.ca; it’s the Internet version of the vanity licence plate. (I wish I had thought to register craig.com [not to mention disney.com, business.com and all the other domains that sold for six or seven figures during the dot-com bubble] back when domains were free.) However, if your offer is high enough I would be foolish not to accept it. How much will it take to buy me off? Your guess is as good as mine. However, I won’t consider any offer with less than five figures in it (not including the cents) to be serious, so if you thought a hundred bucks would do it, please move on.

If, after reading all of that, you still want to make an offer, please use my contact form to do so. Please remember to specify what currency you are using; if you don’t, I will assume Canadian dollars, of course. Thanks.