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I’ve had a personal website of some sort or another for years, but have never really made any effort to create any sort of cohesive site. It has mainly existed as a miscellaneous collection of files (mostly jokes) I first put up in 1996 and just never took down because I abhor “link rot“. I’ve also used it to store files temporarily for one reason or another, testing and development, to give family and friends a way of looking at photographs, videos and other files at their leisure rather than sending them via email, and to link to various of my personal and business projects. I once considered a blog, decided against it, and am considering it again. We’ll see. Don’t hold your breath.

One thing this site in general and this “about” page in particular will not be is all about me. In fact, that last paragraph is about as much as you’re going to get on me. As I develop this site and add a couple of planned features, this page will probably exist mainly to give credit to those developers whose code I have used to help me with a couple of things, and to give some background on the technology behind the site.