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Happy birthday Elizabeth!

Dear Elizabeth,

Hope you have a great birthday today in a suitable location … if your mum and dad let you! :/ But hey, the good thing is that you don’t need their permission any more! 😉 I look forward to you growing up and becoming your own person. It’s a shame that important members of your family were excluded from two-thirds of your growing up, but perhaps you’ll overcome that impediment.

Love, Uncle Craig

The Crash of United Flight 232, transcript of a talk by Captain Al Haynes

United Airlines flight 232 on approach. Courtesy NTSB, public domain.

United Airlines flight 232 on approach. (NTSB.)

I’ve had this transcript available on my website since 1998, if the date stamps on the files are correct. It was a remarkable story in 1989, and it’s still a remarkable story today.

Perhaps I will, at some point, integrate the HTML version of the transcript into this site properly. In the meantime, it’s available in six different file formats below, some of which (especially the Envoy file) are pretty darn ancient: