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[24 Feb 2014 | Comments Off on No fun BC | 850 views]
No fun BC

So just about everyone in Canada east of the Rockies got to imbibe at some inhumane hour of the morning during the Olympic gold medal ice hockey game between Canada and Sweden on Sunday. West of the Rockies though, the no-fun police were demonstrating their true colours: Public establishments in British Columbia were not allowed to serve alcohol, even though in other provinces rules had been relaxed for this special occasion.
A few years ago I’d have been critical of this “no-fun” policy. But in 1994 and 2011, Vancouverites proved that …

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[14 Mar 2012 | Comments Off on And now, the sports … | 862 views]
And now, the sports …

This gave me a chuckle, from Vancouver fans start to panic as Canucks hit skid down the stretch:
In City of Glass, Douglas Coupland’s ode/guide to his hometown of Vancouver, the title refers to the monotone architecture of the condo towers on the downtown peninsula, not the hockey team’s notoriously fragile fans.
I retort that we wouldn’t be so damn fragile if we hadn’t been dropped from a dizzy height and taped or glued back together so many times!
And I’m glad to see someone else asking the question I ask each time …