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[23 Aug 2016 | Comments Off on “Shedule” versus “Skedule” | 1,142 views]

Having been challenged about this yet again recently and still not having much more to offer than the stunning revelation than that the English language is full of exceptions to rules — because, really, it’s not a surprise or a big deal to me that different people in or from different parts of the world pronounce things differently — I decided to do some research.
The tired old comparison is to the word “school”. “Why don’t you pronounce it ‘shool’?” goes the typical witty refrain. Really? That’s your best argument for …

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[6 Jun 2012 | Comments Off on Attention Susan Ormiston! | 728 views]

Maybe nobody at the CBC knows any better, or maybe they’re too afraid to correct you. However, I do and I’m not.
The Queen does not PRO-sess canned fish at a packing plant. She does, however, pro-SESS down The Mall in a pro-SESS-shun.
Look it up. You’re welcome.
There was another odd pronunciation (in addition to at least two instances of the above for which I was within earshot of the TV), but I forget what it was. Additionally, I heard someone else remark on your rather odd pronunciation of “Edinburgh” (and by …